Lagerwey wind turbines and spare parts Lagerwey is one of the industry leaders in the wind turbine market. You find new or second-hand Lagerwey wind turbines, spare parts or providers of wind turbine services conveniently together on Spares in Motion, the e-business platform for buyers and suppliers in the wind energy market.

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Lagerwey wind turbines for sale

If you are looking for Lagerwey wind turbines, you find them on Spares in Motion. Wind turbines are offered for sale from various vendors worldwide and in different conditions. Get an overview of current turbine models for sale or submit a search request, if the wind turbine of your choice is not listed.


Our Lagerwey wind turbines for sale are:

  • within 60 kW – 100 kW range
  • in used, repaired or serviceable condition
  • immediately available


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Lagerwey spare parts

Lagerwey wind turbines are high-technology installations and have many different parts. Searching for parts, you will find a whole range of them on Spares in Motion. Among many other spares, you find Lagerwey blades and blade parts, gearboxes or Lagerwey control units.You no longer have to worry about searching in vain for Lagerwey spare parts when you need them. Neither need you worry about maintaining an expensive stock of Lagerwey used parts. Spares in Motion features a wide selection of Lagerwey parts from suppliers from all over the world. You always find the right supplier at the right price.


Lagerwey spares and supplies

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Lagerwey maintenance, repairs and service

In order to ensure the lowest downtime possible when it comes to Lagerwey repairs, maintenance or wind turbine service, you need a fast and efficient way to connect with a Lagerwey technician. Spares in Motion connects supply of and demand for Lagerwey engineer services in one convenient place.


Lagerwey wind turbine maintenance

Preventive and corrective maintenance are necessary to maximize the performance of your Lagerwey turbine and ensure the longest possible life cycle. You find many Lagerwey maintenance technicians [LINK TO offering a variety of maintenance services. Companies are located all over the world, so also close to your site. Spares in Motion is also the ideal platform for companies offering maintenance services. With hardly any effort you can reach out to thousands of potential customers in the wind energy market and increase your business.


Lagerwey turbine parts repairs

Lagerwey turbine parts repair is a cost-effective alternative to buying new parts. On Spares in Motion you easily find expert technicians, specializing in Lagerwey component repairs. Likewise, companies offering Lagerwey repair services, find Spares in Motion an easy-to-use platform to get into contact with customers looking for Lagerwey repairs from all over the world.


Lagerwey wind turbine services

Along with maintenance and repairs, there is a whole range of additional wind turbine services to support your Lagerwey turbine during the entire life cycle. Next to regular blade inspections or remote monitoring, these service may concern Lagerwey logistic services regarding lifting or crane work, but also gearbox training or safety awareness. Spares in Motion is the wind turbine aftermarket platform for both buyers and suppliers of these wind turbine services.


More about Lagerwey

The new Lagerwey is a turbine manufacturer for direct drive turbines in the multi-megawatt class. The company is located in Barneveld, the Netherlands and focuses mainly on expanding in the Netherlands, Finland,United Kingdom, Belgium and Poland. The company has a solid base of in-house expertise which dates back to the early years of modern wind turbine technology. The founders have taken the lead in the key areas of development and operations.


Meeting Lagerwey’s wind market growth expectations

The market for wind turbines is expected to grow considerably over the coming years. The ever-increasing number of Lagerwey wind turbines that will be installed globally also means a growing demand for services carried out by dedicated Lagerwey wind turbine technicians. The Spares in Motion forum helps you find the Lagerwey wind turbine engineer that you need and request quotes for Lagerwey wind turbine blade repair or other required maintenance or repair activities.


Lagerwey parts and repairs

In a continuously expanding wind turbine market, the need for Lagerwey parts and repairs will be growing at similar speed. Every Lagerwey wind turbine consists of a great variety of parts. Spares in Motion helps you to source Lagerwey parts when you need them from various vendors worldwide. Think of Spares in Motion as your virtual warehouse and allow the marketplace concept to lower your stocking costs considerably.

The following Lagerwey wind turbines are available. Please check availability on Spares in Motion: 

LW50-15 - 50 kW

LW55-15 - 55 kW

LW75-15 - 75 kW

LW75-15 - 75 kW

LW75-20 - 75 kW

LW80-18 - 80 kW

LW80-18 - 80 kW

LW250-27 - 250 kW

LW250-30 - 250 kW

LW750-52 - 750 kW

L82 - 2000 kW

L90 - 2500 kW

LW93/2500 - 2500 kW

LW100/2500 - 2500 kW

LW90/2600 - 2600 kW

LW93/2600 - 2600 kW

LW100/3000 - 3000 kW